WebRTC-SIP Gateway

Turn your website into a phone

WebRTC-SIP Gateway

TeleFinity WebRTC-SIP Gateway allows your website visitors to place calls directly to your existing Call Manager/Call Center or traditional PBX from anywhere at zero cost. It can turn the users’ browser in desktop computers and mobile devices into a secure phone terminal.

TeleFinity WebRTC* to SIP Gateway is available on the cloud as well as on-premises. Our cloud WebRTC to SIP Gateway simplifies the implementation and speeds it up in less than 10 minutes. At the same time, the on-premises are available when your organizational policy requests it to be implemented within the organization’s data center.

All you need is to copy-paste a little piece of JavaScript code into your website. The JavaScript code will be generated and shared with you once the service is activated.

*WebRTC is a technology that enables secure Real-Time Communication (RTC) capabilities in browsers and mobile platforms.

Starter Standard Enterprise
Concurrent Calls (Channel) 2+ 5+ 10+
Single Call Button Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Call Buttons Yes Yes
Customized Call Buttons* Yes
DTMF Capture Yes Yes Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
CDR Yes Yes Yes
WordPress Plugin Yes Yes Yes
Call Recording** Yes Yes
Location Restriction Yes
WebRTC Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers

WebRTC supported browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera in mobiles and desktops


Turn your website into a Phone

Let your abroad customers contact you at no-cost

Have the edge over your competitors and embrace the future

Convert your website visitors into customers

Provide an exceptional communication channel

Improve the customer experience

Go global. No telecom tariffs anymore

WebRTC-SIP Gateway

How It Works